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Website Design and Search Engine Optimization
We start our creative process by conducting an extensive interview of what you want to accomplish. By showing past websites and your companies competing in your field, we can determine how to reach your audience better and more efficiently. As a group we go over all aspects of matching your project with your branding and marketing materials. Making sure your colors, fonts, and photography are represented accordingly.

Search Engine Optimization
Search Engine Optimization is the process of editing and organizing the content on your website to increase its potential by adding specific keywords, and reconstruction of the HTML code. Itís all about making sure Google, Yahoo, MSN, and other search engine understand that you exist. We add the appropriate tags per page, check for images that are not labeled properly, and reformat your HTML so that it easier to read.

Search engine have to obtain a lot of information very quickly. You do not want to have bad structure on website that keep them from listing you or participate in cheap SEO tricks that get you banned from Google. Call or email us to learn more today!

Email Newsletters are best way to keep their interest
Email marketing is the easiest, most cost effective way to advertise and market your company. Itís customized to fit your companyís branding. We have a spam filter built into every launch, so that your newsletter doesnít end up as junk mail! Regularly scheduled communication allows you to update clients on special promotions, or let potential clients know about introductory offers.

Our process is simple:
  • You will receive a consultation to discuss your branding and a customized marketing plan that will be effective for your business.
  • Not only will PCS create an attractive newsletter, we will also help you develop your ideas and strengthen message.
  • We will do our part to make sure that each launch is progressive and follows your marketing plan.
  • How effective was the E-Blast? Did people read them? Did they explore the website? You will receive a monthly report on the effectiveness of your E-Blasts.
  • We provide you with the tools and support to create and manage your email client list.
  • Finally, you will receive reports on who viewed your newsletter, who clicked through your newsletter, and what sparked their interest.
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